Hi all! New to the forum here. Just adopted a 5 year old yellow lab two months ago. He was the daughter's dog (college grad) who moved to England for a 5 year job. She gave the dog to her parents but the mother had allergies so they had to put him up for adoption. Unfortunately he has a few health problems. He's on meds for his thyroid for the next 3 weeks to see how that helps and he was treated for pancreatitis. The other thing the surgeon mentioned (we just got him fixed) is that he has a genetic disorder which is why his head is pointy. The vet kind of waived it off as unimportant and said he'd get back to us when he finds out the name for it. We plan on taking him to a real vet this week or next (this was a non-profit place just so we could get his shots and get him fixed) to see what they say.

Anyways, Bill (yes that's his name) is as happy as can be. Very energetic, loves toys and absolutely loves being around people every second of the day. Hopefully we can get all his health issues sorted out and enjoy another 5-10 years with him!