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    Defaultchocolate lab puppy questions...

    Good morning!

    We have a beautiful, intelligent 13wk old chocolate Labrador.

    I have a few concerns about her general health & was hoping someone might be able to assist me?

    We bought her from an interstate breeder & before we received her - we hadn't seen any pictures of her. My questions are:

    1) at 13 weeks - she weighs 7.5kg, I can see her ribs, and she feels a little bony & looks a bit small in comparison to other lab puppies I have seen - does this age/weight seem a bit off?

    2) the breeder had her on a puppy food called 'bonnie' - which I think is terrible - I'm just in the process of transitioning to Ivory Coat Puppy food (which is the Australian equivalent to Orijen) - she seems to have very flaky skin, so I am hoping the change will be good for her.

    3) she has two very distinct colours on her coat - ever since the day we got her - her head and her neck area are a completely different colour to the rest of her body - is this normal for chocolate labs? I haven't seen this before - and I am feeling like the breeder may have taken advantage of the fact that we are interstate and hadn't seen her before we got her...? I don't think it's a sun issue - as its a distinct line where the colour changes. I'll try and attach a photograph to this post

    Thanks so much for your help :-)

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    I have a chocolate pup too. She is a few weeks older than yours but when I took her to the vet at 12 weeks old she weighed about 25 lbs. Mabel's coat was lighter but as she is getting older her adult coat is coming in darker. At this point her head is lighter than the rest of her body. Not as much of a difference as your sweet puppy though.

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    I have been giving her a fish oil supplement and her coat is very nice. No flaky skin.

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    I have a 3 year old chocolate lab (Brody) which we purchased from a breeder. The breeder lived approximately 5 hours from us but e-mailed pics and updates of mom's pregnancy and weekly pics and updates of the pups from the time of birth. We drove the 5 hours to have first picks of the male pups. Brody's mom has lighter hair between her ears, on the top of her head and Brody carries this trait. Dad was very dark chocolate and we were provided a photo and information on his background and health checks. Except for Brody's head, the rest of his body is the dark, dark, chocolate. Your pup seems to have a large amount of lighter hair but it may be from mom or dad.
    The breeder started all the pups in Brody's litter on Blue Buffalo and I have continued this food. He does well on this brand.

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    I also have a chocolate lab 2 years old now. When we got him he seemed really smallish and we thought he wasn't ever going to gain weight. But after living with us he really picked up. Apart from the usual 2 meals a day i just did treats and vitamin supplements which helped in boosting their immune system and also giving them a smoother coat.

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