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    Hello! My name is Kristen. My husband and I have two young boys (5 & 7), a nearly 9 yr old dachshund, and now an 8 week old chocolate lab puppy named Dakota! (profile picture) I have been around plenty of friends and family with labs (some well trained, some not so), so I'm very familiar with their temperament. However, this is my first time being the one to train the lab. A little intimidated, but excited We've had her a week and she has already proven how different she is from training my doxie. The "Our Best Suggestions" thread under Training was a gem to find (I read through all of it, twice)! We also just purchased The Puppy Primer by McConnell and the Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook. I plan to pick up For the Love of a Dog by McConnell next.

    So far, crate training has gone very well. She loves her crate. Lots of redirecting what is considered a chew toy. And last night we tried a leash on her just while she was going potty to see what she thought, and she was definitely not fond of it. But already I have found some great suggestions on this site!

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    Congrats on your new pup!

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