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    DefaultHello my name is Leia!

    Hi, my name is Lisa!

    This is my gorgeous new baby, Leia. She is very tiny for her age (9 weeks and 2.3kg or 5lbs) but healthy! She had her 1st vacs and health check today and was super brave. Didn't squeal and took it all in her stride.

    I feel like a proud mother!
    Unfortunately, the person that bred her doesn't really appear to have tried getting her outside and toileting (she stepped on grass at my house and had a huge panic, so she had obviously never seen it before.) so we are spending a lot of time (50-75% of her waking time) in the garden learning our toilet words.. She doesn't really understand what's happening but loves it when she has a fuss made over her poo and wee.. I can honestly say I have never been so excited over bodily functions in my life.

    My husband is currently missing out on the first few weeks of her home time as he is in the military and currently away!
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