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    Hi there! Although we have a black lab, Bailey, who is 6 yrs. old (he is our 3rd lab, 2 previous chocolates+ have had 4 goldens), we have just added to our family with a chocolate lab, Jesse! He will be 9 weeks old on Tuesday. I have just discovered this website. I am a subscriber to Just Labs magazine, so I guess I am a little slow on the uptake. Just wanted to say hi! I'm sure I will be a frequent visitor, as it seems although I have had labs in the past, there are always more questions. These are my babies. I hope to gain a lot of knowledge from all of you! Oh! my first question... what do you do about puppy rock lovers? He runs and picks one up so fast! I watch him, but boy, when he knows he shouldn't be doing something, he is FAST! I guess just chase him down? He's really good about me getting in his mouth to take stuff out. Funny how he can have a whole room of toys, but goes for my shoes... hehehe.
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