Hey, puppy tooth question!
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Thread: Hey, puppy tooth question!

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    DefaultHey, puppy tooth question!

    Hello, I just joined the forum with my 5 month old pup named Odin.
    I know Odin's puppy teeth should be falling out. Today I noticed one of Odin's molars was bleeding and I thought he just went a little rough or a chew toy. Then about 10hrs later I heard him keep dropping something loud, then I opened his mouth and out fell what was a tooth but no roots along with it. It looked like a "tooth cap".

    Should the tooth be falling out with roots? Or are the puppy roots part of the permanent molar teeth?

    Thank you!!

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    do any teeth fall out with the roots? ask your vet if you really care.
    most of us never get to see the puppy teeth, they just get lost in the carpet.

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    No, you will not see roots. Baby teeth don't have roots like adult teeth.

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