Lab Hotspots from Swimming (prevention)
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Thread: Lab Hotspots from Swimming (prevention)

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    DefaultLab Hotspots from Swimming (prevention)

    My 4 year old lab only gets hotspots when he swims. No swimming and he is fine but that is a bummer for a lab. This happens in ANY body of water and the vet seems to think it is due to a combination of the bacteria in the water and humidity getting caught between fur and skin. He has been tested for allergies and does not have any and he is on a high quality food. The latest thing we are trying is Dr. Maggie's skin and coat supplement that goes with his food. I have also been reading about how a lab has a double coat that if functioning properly, should wick away moisture from the skin. Summer is coming soon so we are hopeful but I am wondering if anyone has had this issue and any success with supplements?

    PS...I am not looking for treatment of hotspots, we have that down pat lol
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