New here, need help with a concern 6.5 month old Female Lab
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Thread: New here, need help with a concern 6.5 month old Female Lab

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    DefaultNew here, need help with a concern 6.5 month old Female Lab


    We have a two year old male yellow/redfox Labrador and a 6.5 month old chocolate female lab. We are trying to determine if we should be concerned about an incident at the Vet yesterday with our six month old chocolate female "Brandy". We took Brandy in to the vet yesterday for a check up and removal of stitches from her spay two weeks ago. Brandy is potty trained, know sit, stay, come, shake and walks very well on her leash. We did take her to six puppy socialization classes. Her and our two year old male simply adore each other and have from day one. They share toy's etc... never a dominance play between them thus far... our two year old male does not have a dominant bone in his body. Additionally, we have encountered other dogs on walks etc... without ever having any type of issue with Brandy.

    We were a few minutes early for our appointment with Brandy yesterday. While waiting in the office reception area two different customers came out with their dogs and checked out... no issue from Brandy accept a slight happy I want to meet them type pull at her leash. she calmed immediately when I said stay.

    Then a lady came out of the examination room directly in front of us with her Chihuahua (who was barking as he exited the room and the entire time he was in the room). She had him on leash but not close (he was the leash length in front of her so he got within 3 feet of Brandy's face). Brandy went nuts, with an aggressive bark, teeth showing and head up not down, pulling to get to him in an aggressive manner... I had to hold her collar not leash to hold her back. The barking Chihuahua did not stop it's barking but I'm not sure it's barking was aggressive in nature... the dog literally never shut up the entire time in the examine room or out of... the encounter only lasted 30 seconds to a minute as we were called into our examine and I walked Brandy in far out of path.

    Brandy was her normal happy playful and loving self in the examine room and prior to the examine room... She loves going to the vet and was excited to go in when we got there. We live in Kentucky and have a very large fenced in back yard... Neighbors come up to the fence and visit with their dogs when they our out on walks all the time because our dogs our so loving and normally sweet... Brandy has never acted this way to another dog and she likes our 19 year old cat as well.

    We have only run into one other dog when on walks with Brandy as we tend to go on walks a bit later than most people (after 7 PM) due to our work schedules. I would like opinions on whether we should wait and see if we have another issue with her or if we should take her back to obedience/training/socialization type of classes to evaluate. My husband feels we should wait... but due to winter, empty dog parks etc.. it's hard to say when she would encounter another strange dog in an on leash type of situation. I am 50/50 on what we should do... we would probably be looking at around $500 to take her for additional class's/evaluation. I don't have an issue with the money if we should be concerned with this incident.


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    Hi there! I had a similar situation. Two dogs at home that got along splendidly and running into other dogs on walks was ok as well. Until he turned about 1 year old and then I took him to the vet and he saw another dog and flipped out. On our walk when he sees other dogs he does the same. I took him to obedience school and found that the problem was actually me . The dog did not do that with the instructor when she walked him in front of 10 other dogs in the room and he does not do it when my husband walks him either. Very frustrating! The obedience instructor believes that the dog feels he needs to protect me from negative situations...meaning he is alpha over me. I struggle with this on our daily walks and as much as the instructor gave me the tools to fix this, I have not been successful with changing the vibe I give off and being in control. Dogs are extremely sensitive to people's anxiety and frustration unfortuanately. These are just my thoughts but if he only does it with you and is fine with other people then you may be the issue and going back to obedience school probably will not help.

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    Honestly, I did not think of that. It actually may be the answer as I am without a doubt her person, she follows me everywhere including to the bathroom. I never had a dog that was alpha towards me but I will look into it as a possibility with her. Thanks for the reply!

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