Last year I was looking for a black lab and came across one that 2 older ladies found running around a parking lot. They couldn't find the owner and she was not chipped so they posted an ad on craigslist and I replied and went and met her.
She was very skittish at first but was not aggressive. I think the previous owner abused her. She doesn't like loud noises and if someone yells, she will get freaked out.

I was living with a friend at the time and things didn't work out there so I moved in with my parents since I have one in college and I can't afford to rent a place and pay for college. They had 2 dogs already and so I could not bring her with me.
A few weeks go by and I have been over to visit with Midnight and she started looking a little thin. I went over 2 weeks later and she was deathly skinny.Her ribs and hip bones were sticking out.I went off and took her with me. I took her to the vet for a checkup and to board her for a few days until I could find someone to take her. I showed my parents pictures of what she looked like and they told me to bring her here since she was not being fed properly.
It took a few weeks for the dogs to adjust,but now the Chow we have,that is 10 years old likes to run around in the back yard chasing her and vice versa. The other dog,a Rat Terrier doesn't like being messed with.He growls and barks at them both when they are playing outside. Inside the house he is usually ok unless Midnight sits on him.(the RT likes to be under the blankets sleeping)
She has really started looking good the past month and has really came out of her shell.She was always shy and scared of everything,but since she has been here and she is used to it,she is doing well. I put her in my room at night when I am asleep so she doesn't get into the trash and make messes.She never chews on anything but she likes to get in the trash.
When my dad takes her out to run in the back,he always comes in and says he has never seen a dog run as fast as she does and he is right about that,she is pretty darn fast.I think she'd make a great hunting dog with some training.
She is not aggressive towards other people,no one is a stranger to her.
I have no idea how old she is since I got her when she was already fully grown but the vet thinks she is 3-4 years old.
The strangest part is we were trying to think of a name for her and when I said Midnight,she came from another room and stood in front of me and sit.I'd say that was her name when she was found in the parking lot.
She has certain noises she will make when she wants to go out or wants food or water.Lately she has been just bringing the bowl to us when she is hungry. I'm glad I picked her up because she has been a great dog for my family.
She is the first lab I have owned and probably will not be my last one. The older ladies we got her from were going to take her to the animal shelter if no one came forward to take her.They could not handle her.

My daughter misses her since she is not in the same town for college.I do facebook video chat so she can see her. That is always fun because Midnight will whine and look everywhere trying to find her.When she sees her on the phone she will sit there and stare at my daughter.
I just can't believe how thin she was when I went to visit the last time when I just took her away from there. The vet wanted me to file charges on them,but they only get a slap on the wrist for it,so why waste taxpayer money and my time.I got her back to normal and she is about as happy as a lab can be.
I added some pictures below.