Hi guys, I'm new to the forum. I decided to join because I was looking for somewhere more reliable that a Google search for when I need advice on my two lab siblings. I'm a 22 year old college student with two very rambunctious 2 year old lab siblings. The addition of the siblings raised our dog count to five. We also have a German Shepard/Mastiff mix, a beagle/hound mix, and a terrier mix. The older three were wary of the two fluff balls with razor sharp teeth at first. But over time they became a big happy family. They cuddle, play, and sleep together whenever they can.

It all started out as just fostering the two for the Lab rescue group we belong to until they were old enough to be put up for adoption. The two and the rest of their littler had been torn away from their mother at only about 5 weeks old. The rescue began placing pairs with foster parents. We received a yin-and-yang pair: one yellow male puppy and one black female puppy. I named the yellow lab, Koda. And my younger sister name the black lab, Rylee. It didn't take long to decide were weren't going allow them to be split up during adoption time and we kept them. Originally, Koda (the yellow male) was mine and Rylee (the black female) was my younger sister's. My younger sister being a teenager in high school did not realize the responsibilities raising and owning a puppy included. So my one became two.

Although they've just turned two, I feel like we're still in the puppy stage. They still destroy certain types of toys. They still rough-house way too rough and cause injuries. They're still not as well-behaved as they could be. Koda still has problems with not peeing in the house. I'm partly to blame with dividing time between them, school, and work. But I'm hoping it's not too late to continue to work with them on these bad habits.