Double the trouble: Koda and Rylee
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Thread: Double the trouble: Koda and Rylee

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    DefaultDouble the trouble: Koda and Rylee

    Hi, my name is Koda and this is my twin sister Rylee. I am a yellow Lab and Rylee is a black lab; making us very easy to tell apart. We just turned two this January and we have already become well adjusted to the "Terrible Twos" stage of our lives. Even though we try to stay on our best behavior, we do enjoy giving our mom and especially grandma a run for their money. We are house-trained but I sometimes tend to pee a little as I walk around the house. We both also have an extremely nasty habit; we enjoy eating poop. Because of this nasty habit, mom and grandma do not want our kisses whenever we want to give them. We are both very loving and cuddly. We love to play with, and sometimes destroy, our toys. We tend to be rough when we play with each other; which can sometimes lead to some minor scrapes. While I might be bigger and more of a powerhouse than my sister, Rylee is definitely faster than me. Due to our Labrador heritage, we both absolutely love to play in the water and swim. Eventually, we will learn to be the most well-behaved dogs that mom and grandma have ever seen. But until that happens, we are going to continue being our silly/lovable selves.


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    I LOVE this post - Thanks!
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