Drooling after playing in the snow?
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Thread: Drooling after playing in the snow?

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    DefaultDrooling after playing in the snow?

    My pup has been playing outside in the snow and he comes in and drools excessively for long periods of time like an hour or 2. This happened Thursday i took him to the vet they did Xrays and stuff said he was fine and it subsided. Then we went out tonight and played again same thing happened. So im trying to get some answers as to what it might have to do with?

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    It probably has something to do with the cold. I read somewhere that it can be an indication of a respiratory infection of the nose, throat or sinuses. If it is happening during the times that you play out in the snow, i would advice that you let him stay indoors or minimize the times that he is outside. Additionally let him wear protective clothing every time you are out at least to keep him warm.

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