Hey- what else is my lab mixed with.. can you tell?
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Thread: Hey- what else is my lab mixed with.. can you tell?

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    DefaultHey- what else is my lab mixed with.. can you tell?

    We just got a puppy two weeks ago. Moxie was one of 10 in her litter and was born on a farm. The mom was on sight and is definitely a black lab but has longer hair in some spots like the tail and under belly almost like a golden retriever. The farmer thinks the dad was the neighbor's chocolate lab, but we don't think so.
    Any ideas? She is 9.5 pounds and will be 9 weeks on Sunday.
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    Sounds like mom is a mix too so who knows? Cute puppy.

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    She has a Border Collie look about the eyes, face, and ears. I'm told you can tell sometimes by the 'stance' but that's exactly all that I know. (I had a Border Collie when I was growing up. She was a wonderful dog.)

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    That is one ridiculously cute puppy! Not to sure about the mix but it will hopefully become more apparent with age.

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