I rescued a Black Lab a year ago and she was rather thin and not as healthy as she should of been. The people I got her from found her running in a parking lot but they were older and could not handle her but they did get her vetted and put her up for adoption.They didn't try to find the old owners since she was obviously abused. She is scared to death of loud noises or people yelling. Thunderstorms are a pain with her,she goes crazy. But with those are small problems and we have learned how to calm her down.
I was living with a friend at the time and when I left I had to wait a few months before I could get her back and when I did,I was in shock. She was back to being thin again,worse then what she was when I first got her.You could see her ribs and hip bones. I think if I waited 1 more month she would of not be alive.I moved back home with my parents and they already had 2 dogs but after they seen her,they allowed me to bring her here. Since she has been here I got her weight back up and she is more active now then she has ever been. She has plenty of room to run outside. My dad said he has never seen a dog run as fast as she does.
One of the other dogs we have is a Chow I rescued 10 years ago at 4 weeks old. She wasn't to happy about her being here at first but now they play together. The chow has her own crate to sleep in but the Lab won't go in it.The other dog we have,a Rat Terrior that is almost 8 years old is the only one the Chow will allow to go in there. All the dogs get along great now.
I have noticed with the Lab that she is very smart. She will make certain noises when she wants something.I have it all down to what each noise she makes means. I think she is part human at times with the things she does. I have noticed that she has to be close to someone most of the time,I mean pretty much laying next to them or on them. She gets anxiety and whines when she has to sleep on her bed.

When I went to get her,they had named her Black Beauty but we wanted to change names and as soon as I said Midnight,she came running at me.I think her name was Midnight before the older couple got her and when she heard me say it,she already knew it,so we kept that name. She took to my daughter mostly at first but since she is off to college now,she has taken to my dad more. During the day she is always following him around the house and lays next to him wherever he is sitting and then sleeps on their bed when she naps. At night she is in my room with me and tries laying on my feet. I have to kick her off the bed several times a night.
But I am happy with her and she is well taken care of and spoiled. It took a year to bring her out of her being so skittish about every little noise,but she has calmed down a lot.She is the only dog of the 3 that won't try to bite someone when they come over. She just wants attention from them. I posted a few pictures below.The first is where I used to live and taken a few months after I got her.The second was a few weeks ago.I won't post any of her when she first came here,I think it would be very disturbing for others to see.