Hi All,

I have a 5 month old lab puppy whom I've had for 2 months. I feel like I cannot keep up with his energy level.

This is how I feel about puppy exercise How Much Exercise Is Too Much for a Puppy? so please don't post about the five minute rule. I am aware of it, but do not agree with it in all cases due to lack of reliable peer reviewed articles. Puppy's access to steps and hard surfaces is restricted and I would never push him if he was tired.

My puppy does 2 hours off leash exercise daily and 1 hour leashed exercise - mostly trails. He never appears to be tired and still can be jumping all over everything and trying to chew up or destroy things. He is very good about "trading" when I ask him to drop something in exchange for a treat or an appropriate toy. Never actually destroys anything because I always catch him, but he tries! He gets stuffed kongs or bones, and has a ridiculous amount of toys and chews of all sorts of materials, shapes, sizes and textures that we play with and rotate. Uninterested in fetch at this time. He knows: sit, stay, come, down, bed, kennel, get, touch, drop, heel, speak, up, off, potty, and we work daily on new words and/or reinforcing old ones. Training is done with "yes" or clicker paired with food off leash and then later introduced to leash work. He also can open and close cabinet doors/drawers when asked. He prefers running on trails as opposed to playing at the dog park, but he does enjoy it just not as much. He is actually quite good with not jumping on people and is very gentle. I have a cat that he is pretty good with too. But he's extremely rambunctious despite the exercise. He is an absolute dream in his crate, and I can put him there if I need to do something and can't supervise. But I'd prefer to be able to calm him. He also appears to be completely housetrained, but again I am careful.

Do I just need to wait out the puppy crazies? Thanks in advance!