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    Happy New Year fellow lab owners! Looking forward to being a member!

    I'm a flooring installer and once did a job for a veterinarian. I remember him saying to me "There are dog owners, and then there are lab owners!" My family of 4 has a 6 year old chocolate named Otis. He makes us a family of 5!

    Question - Does anyone happen to know a good place online to purchase heartworm medicine? We give Otis the Sentinel flavor tabs. There must be a more affordable way to purchase them other than from our vet.

    Thanks in advance!

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    ask your vet. some will price match.
    it's handy to have a track record with your vet in the event of a problem. personally.....I don't price shop 'em because when/if I need them I hope they remember.
    e.g. Rocky takes trifexis and I've been told if there would be a heart worm problem the manufacturer would pay for treatment. hope I never find out but I would need records to prove he took that med every month.

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