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    Postmy sweet Labrador

    Hi, I'm came back again!!!!
    In the first message, I wrote about my Labrador, he has eight years and his heath is good.
    But recently I see that he is tired after few race for to take the tennis ball (these are the favourite of him), and after, when we are at home, he has a problem when must get up.
    Is possible that are rheumatism?I hope isn't dysplasia....

    Someone have tried "Luposan" it a natural supplement for the joints.


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    Have you talked to your vet? If he has less stamina than before, and it worries you, I'd go for a complete physical check-up + blood panels. Heartworm would be another concern if you are living in an area with that issue. And also, since your Lab is a senior now, it would be wise to go for annual check-ups and catch things early.

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    Thank for the answer Lilika.
    My vet said that could be rheumatism, he said after a regular visit, but is time to bring my dog to do a complete check-up, in addition to the annual vet visit.
    For me my dog is always young, but I must to understand that also he get old....

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