New lab puppy ignores me
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Thread: New lab puppy ignores me

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    DefaultNew lab puppy ignores me

    I just got my new black lab puppy named charlie..and i am very impressed because no one tought him potty training but the first night he stayed at my room and then he barked at the door and let him out thats where he poop and pee..the only problem now is his so aloof and ignores me and dont have any interest with food and treats..what should i do? Also when he's chewing our furniture and shoes i try to stop him by blocking the things he chew with my hands just like i saw at youtube but instead of he looks away he try to bite my hands..please help me..

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    My pup also has a chewing habit. What seemed to help us is the fact that she now has many toys to choose from and also one of those raw hide bones. When she chews on something not for her we take it away and replace it with something of hers.

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