,Newbie here. Just was adopted as an owner by my new chocolate Max. I had been a Golden owner for years. Thanksgiving eve I had to put down my sweet Golden Bonniegirl who was 12 and the last of her litter to go to rainbow bridge. I have to say it was the easiest one I have ever experienced. I believe it was because she was loved and provided more love than most of us humans would experience in 2 lifetimes. Fast forward 1 week and Max my first lab arrived in my life. A friend who breeds labs, contacted me Tuesday and said he had a 6 mo male he would like to give me and my family. He said we could try him out for a few days to see if my 10 yo Siberian and the lab would get along. We all knew they would. So here I am. Looking to learn a good deal about the breed on the forum .