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    We got our gorgeous golden lab, Lippy, in July, she is now 5 months old image.jpg

    We are about to rescue a black lab who is apparently 18months to 2 years old. I have had a photo of her sent over and she has quite alot of whitening on her muzzle already .... What are peoples thoughts please ? image.jpg.

    Her paperwork should arrive soon with all her details so all should become clear, but does this look like a dog of max 2 years old ?

    Many thanks ?

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    You are brave to bring in a new dog with a puppy in the house! What type of paperwork with the new dog have? Was she surrendered to the pound by her previous owner? While labs can get some white whiskers early (even before 2) that is a significant amount of white on the muzzle for 18-24 months. I'd guess more adult than that. But you have to look at the whole dog (including teeth) to get a gist of age and even then…. it's a bit of a wild guess.

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