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    My boyfriend and I decided to get a dog together and we both wanted a lab since we are active but he has small nieces and nephews and I have cats. I also wanted a gun dog with a relatively low maintenance coat (he had owned GSDs and I have a Shih Tzu), a lab was a dog that checked all these boxes. We originally wanted a puppy and found several AKC recommended breeders in our area. But then we realized that neither of us have the proper schedules to permit raising and training a puppy. This was when we decided to get an older rescue dog, so we looked at the local lab rescues. Eventually we decided to take our chances with the humane society and were lucky enough to discover they had a handsome yellow boy leftover from the previous day's adoptions. Why nobody wanted him is a mystery to us... We went out and played with him in the dog run, the rest is history!
    We took him home and renamed him Teller. We found out he was twice returned (he's only 14 mos); the first time because the owner became homeless, the second time because the owner labeled him as hyper and destructive after leaving him alone outside for 12 1/2 hours a day. He lost 10 lbs in the 2 mos she had him. Gee, wonder why! Anyways, we couldn't be more thrilled with our new furry baby! Teller is house trained, crate trained (even though his owners said he wasn't), knows sit, has already learned stay, and only chews on his own toys. He embodies every trait a lab should have; he's great with kids, loves fetch, has boundless energy, loves to please, and only knows how to be friendly. He has only barked twice in the 3 weeks we've had him. The only things we need to work on are walking on a leash and not jumping to say hello.
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