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    We've joined the community in order to better care for beloved furry child.

    Our story began February 19th 2013. My sister's friend was camping in the mojave desert when she saw a truck pull over and kick a dog out! Thankfully for everyone involved, she immediately got the dog and ended her trip.

    The friend took the dog to her vet because she has other dogs and small children. After being given a clean bill of health I was called to come see if I wanted it... I've wanted a dog for a few years at the time, being the guy I am, I had no interest in a labrador eww, boring! But I was given the business by a bunch of ladies to go see her.
    One I arrived the dog appeared to like me, we played a little catch and then they dropped the ... so, if you can pay us for the vet visit, you can have her... sure, no problem!

    Thus our joined begins...

    My first task was bringing my new beautiful black baby girl home... my wife has never ever had a pet. Culturally, I was making a mistake. She is afraid of dogs for one... and her being black was a no no. Our first stop was at this fancy pet store to get some supplies, while there I notice she was spotting. The clerk/owner felt as if she was probably in heat and to think nothing of it. I brought her home and waited for my wife.

    To move the story along, she wanted her, liked her, but was pretty terrified of her. She asked why black? I had no choice... this was a true rescue, there were no options but to save her life!

    The next day I took our baby to my preferred vet, clean bill of health. Estimated she is 1.5 years old. Spotting was nothing to worry about. Great!

    Based on the personality we saw from our baby... we named her Diva.

    Fast forward to April... the spotting had stopped. The dog was wonderful. I took her everywhere!! We are from Coastal Southern California, I'd take here down the Santa Ana River wash and days at Huntington's dog beach, everything felt lovely. On Sunday April 21st we went 4wheeling, and of course she came along. It was a great day... but boy she looked beat. It was hot and bouncy. The very next day, my live changed in ways I couldn't have imagined.

    At approximately 6pm on Monday, April 22nd (Earth Day) my dog looked sick, real sick. I needed help fast!! I called my "all up in your dog business" sister to ask what to do... while talking I saw something come out of my dogs vulva, WTF!!!! Yup, puppies... eight to be exact! What a night, what an experience... I was exhausted, she was worse. Next day we called the vet and got some instructions.

    Long story short, everything turned out fine. I learned a lot raising 8 puppies in a condo with no yard. It was truly an experience.

    Work relocated us to Central Florida... after almost two years here... I need some help from experienced lab owners. This is why we've joined the forum.

    Thank you

    Pix The one with the red lab, sitting side by side... it's one of her puppies after a few months. So sweet!
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    Sorry for all the spelling & grammar errors. Had a few challenges getting the post up to begin with.

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    Hi! I am new too. I have been using Labrador Forums as my go to for everything (just today I had a look as my pups breath has gone fishy and luckily it seems because of her teething) so I thought I'd join.

    I live in England and I have a 5 month black Labrador called Daisy. She is my world and people get cross with all the pictures I constantly post on Facebook. Clearly they've never met her ;-)

    Looking forward to being able to respond and chat with other people here and hopefully help someone like you already have for me
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