Hi everyone. My name is Julie and I got my first lab approximately 20 years ago. She was the puppy love of my life. Luna was only 9 months old when my daughter was born and they grew up together. Luna crossed the rainbow bridge 4 years ago at the age of 16 and I miss her constantly. We have our Siberian Husky, Duke (now 14) still and I love him, but I still miss my Luna. Although, a black lab (who sheds) and an all white Siberian Husky (who sheds even more) meant nothing was safe from dog hair lol. My daughter is now 19 and in college. We recently put deposits down for 1 each black lab little boys who will be born sometime late next year. We are planning to move this spring and I want to ensure we have moved and if needed a fence is installed if one is not already there before bringing them home. It makes me feel better knowing that by the time she finishes college and leaves home, she'll have a friend and guardian to take with her, just as I had my Luna. I look forward to getting to know you all!

Thank you,