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    Hello All,

    After many years of being dog-friend-less, I've decided to get one.
    This is of course after many points of justification to the wife -> how it will benefit the entire family especially our tot, just to name a reason.

    So, WE now have a female black lab at home named Ellie.
    We got her at 10 weeks, and now she's 15 weeks.
    Ellie is our first Lab, and already I am thinking for a second one but I've already exhausted my excuses/justifications bag.

    I look forward to sharing my experiences as well as reading others' experiences.


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    How many posts must I do before I can post on training puppy forum?
    I saw a post on a puppy squaking/squaling in a car ride and a 2yr lab pooping all over the yard.
    I would like to post my tip on my own experience on how to deal with those two challenges.

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