Just dropping in to say hi and introduce. We have a Black lab born January of 2013. Her name is Pepper. She loves swimming and the beach and riding on our jet ski. She was a crazy nut case the first year or so- even getting herself kicked out of doggy daycare for being a bully. We've put thousands of dollars into training her though through a professional organization and it has done wonders- worth every penny. We've got our first baby on the way in late Oct/early Nov. 2015, excited to add to our growing family <3 Pepper is getting a brother Always looking for advice and ideas on how to give our pup the best life possible. She's my first dog though I've wanted one my entire life. People keep telling us she will be neglected once the baby is born and we won't care but I don't think that has to be the case. Our hearts are big enough to keep loving on our Pepper and our new little guy. Anyway....hi!!!