New to the Lab world! I did it all wrong!
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Thread: New to the Lab world! I did it all wrong!

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    DefaultNew to the Lab world! I did it all wrong!

    Hi! I'm Shirley!

    I did this all wrong! (I think I did!) I adopted a 2 year old girl who had NO obedience training (I was told she did!). Holy Cow!

    I seriously feel like I acquired on the Bumpus dogs off of A Christmas Story!

    Lucy is actually 3 now. We've had her for 1 year. She has had a crash course in obedience training this last year - poor girl.

    Now, how in the world do I get her to stay out of cupboards and pulling food off the counters, pulling my peanut butter jars out of my lunch box (yes, she did that!)!

    I'm not new to the dog world - I have a very well behaved Shitzu/Cavalier King Charles mix . . . . who is picking up some very bad habits! *UGH*

    I'm open to any advice! She is kennel trained and we utilize it!

    Thank you!

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    We spent money on obedience trainers with Ruby. Thing is we for whatever reason aren't exactly looked up to by her. If I were to want to unload her I could in all honesty say she has been to obedience training. So don't think too harshly of those who you got her from on this point.

    She ate a sandals this morning.

    Best of blessing with your new buddy.
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    A professional 10 week in home training course did wonders for our lab (and our sanity which was slowly slipping away). It cost a pretty penny but SO worth it in the long run. We never felt like the once a week group sessions in the park did much.

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    Sending off to training for a month or two would be helpful.

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    Teach her 'leave it', watch her like a hawk, and correct her *every* time. It may take a while but will eventually sink in.

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