Hi Everyone

I joined the forum back in 2002 when we got our first lab, Gibson (yellow male). He was a dream dog and we loved each other for 13 years. Severe hip dysplasia and liver failure led us to have to let him go back in January. We also have a chocolate lab mix, Landon, who we adopted through rescue in 2007. Landon is now almost 8 and was lonely without having his brother Gibson around.

I never thought we'd get another dog, but several months ago we started feeling ready to make that happen. After applying and being accepted to adopt through several rescue organizations, we went with Save A Lab. We brought our silver lab mix Auggie home on Sunday and we are head over heels in love with him.

Auggie was not bred to be a "silver lab". His mother, a gorgeous black lab (now named Mollie) was found as a pregnant stray on the streets of La Porte, TX back in March. She was pulled from a kill shelter by Save A Lab and brought for whelping and foster care to The Puppy House in Corpus Christi, TX. Mollie whelped 7 healthy puppies on April 12th: one black female, four silver females, and two silver males. No one knows what the father was so we don't know what the mix/silver part could be. Save A Lab transported mom and puppies to RI for adoption.

Here is our Auggie. He's 9 weeks old and a little ball of energy.

FullSizeRender-19-2.jpg 11412286_10207043547912816_9123870080955032397_n.jpg