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Thread: New to Forum with 8 week old black lab

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    DefaultNew to Forum with 8 week old black lab

    Hi Everyone,

    Brought home a beautiful black lab from the breeder last night. I'm a bit rusty at this since our last lab which was yellow lived to 12 years of age and went to doggie heaven 3 years ago. Been reading on crate training and last night was rough. Any suggestions?? I put a small blanket with her mom's scent on it in crate, along with a couple of kong toys. She cried and cried which I expected, and I ignored for an hour or so. Woke again around 4:00 to her crying again. Thought she needed to go outside, took her out and she wanted to play in the grass. Long story short, she tinkled in the house, and pooped twice in the house. She was in no hurry to go back into her crate and I didn't want to force her. I know I'm to ignore the crying and not let her out until she is quiet. But what if she really has to go potty or is scared??

    Thank you,

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    First, this is pretty normal for the first night. Ask your breeder what he/she has done w/ the pups crate wise. Maybe they have some better insight on the issue. My pups sleep in a crate as a family, door open, inside an expen w/ a potty pool. The only time they are in a closed crate is to take the trips to the vet or eye doc for their CERF/eye exam, and for other short introductory car rides just prior. I can assure you, they don't all do well in crates right off the bat, so patience is a virtue there (as is ear plugs!).

    I would try to wear her out w/ play before bedtime. Each time after taking her out to potty (this is normal too), physically set her back into the crate and give her some kibble or such as a treat so she associates the crate w something good. Good luck. Anne

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    Our pups were older when we first got them and slept through the night from day one (small miracles!), but you will learn eventually when they're in the crate what is an actual "I need to pee" or "something is wrong" cry instead of just whining. Our go-to has been frozen Kongs that served as enough of a distraction that by the time they had finished with them they were content to stay in their crates. Hope some of this helps and good luck!

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    Defaultwhat worked well for me

    was to sleep on the couch next to crate; you'll know everything that's going on, will be able to tell the difference between crying and needing to go out (if memory serves me is every three hrs. at first) and she feel better because she sees you right there.

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