New Owner with 3 month old lab
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Thread: New Owner with 3 month old lab

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    DefaultNew Owner with 3 month old lab

    Hello Folks

    New owner (1st time dog owner) have a yellow lab. Got him from the breeder when he was 12 weeks. Now he is 15 weeks old. I feed him Nuro Ultra for puppies. He seemed to be doing well initially.

    Last couple of days his poop is not diarrhea like but not solid either. He does his business 3 times a day and never is it liquid. Should I be talking to vet or is this some teething outcome? He seems energized and eating and drinking water. He sleeps and is normal during the day. No signs of discomfort.

    Thanks for you input.

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    check the amount you are feeding. If you recently upped the food, you may have upped too much.

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    You may find that a change in diet (different kibble) is called for. Since you are new to the game, you may find out that some "highly advertised" and high priced dog food may be too rich for your pup and cause loose stools. Do a little online study and be amazed at what scientific studies have determined. You can also find websites that are specific to dog food brands/problems.

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