Hello everyone...Came across this site while searching for information on possible liver shunt in my 13 week old lab. So let me give some background...Back on April 18 brought home a beautiful little yellow lab. We picked Tucker out due to his high energy and activity around us when we visited the litter. We noticed he was a little smaller than his litter mates but that didn't deter us, we loved his energy. Two weeks after having him home noticed a change in his energy level and eating habits. Thought maybe it was just Tucker getting use to his new home but his energy level continued to go down. We took him to our vet and they gave him a good check out and drew some blood to test. The blood test showed something going on so vet decided to perform x-ray. Turned out Tucker had swallowed a staple which still this day we have no idea where he found it. Vet decided to do surgery to remove it since she thought that could be causing his drop in energy...Tucker came home two days after surgery full of energy again. Tucker's energy level was back to normal and we thought everything was okay. One week after surgery Tucker's energy level went down again and appetite fell off. Back to the vet this time with a slight fever, had to stay couple of days for fluids and antibiotics. Back home after vet stay and energy level returns now hopefully we are okay. Well didn't last but a couple of days and noticed Tucker was acting really strange, actually looked stoned. Back to the vet and now it appears our beautiful little lab may have a liver shunt. We want know for sure until the bile acid test comes back in the next day or two and then get an ultrasound to look at liver, but all signs point to liver shunt.

So here is my question...Has anyone ever dealt with a liver shunt?