Question about being lethargic!
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Thread: Question about being lethargic!

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    DefaultQuestion about being lethargic!

    Hi Everyone,

    Quick question and I'm sure i am overreacting, my 8 month old yellow lab gets a ton of exercise and is a lean and mean 60 pounds. We went up to the lake for mdw and he played all weekend, ran and swam (for the first time) . His friend from boston came down, a 2 year old choco lab and they wrestled, ran and played for two days. Indy normally takes naps during the day while we are at work but this weekend he wanted nothing to do with it, maybe an hour each day. Now we are back home and he is knocked out for the past day and a half. No injuries and is in good spirits. Appetite is good and wants to play a little. Is he just recovering from a long weekend of excitement or something else is should be worried about!!??! Also, I did pull one dead tick off of him. He is on frontline and does have a little bump when the tick was. The tick was not filled. Thank you in advance for your help!!!!


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    I'd be exhausted too....

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