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    DefaultHey there!

    New to the site. My name is Gaby and I have a 4 month old Chocolate Lab named rocky.
    I didn't get her from a breeder just from a lady whose two chocolate labs decided to get pregnant so I don't have her as a show dog or anything. I just have a few questions.

    Rocky has a course wavy coat. Have any of you heard of this? I thought it was a bit strange since Labs usually have a short straight coat. We often get asked if she's a Chesapeake because of her coat but her Vet doesn't think so. Another question is when she goes to the dog park and she's playing with the other dogs she bites a lot. She won't do it to humans or to my cat just at the dog parks. Is she just playing? I don't want her to do it to the wrong dog and find trouble for herself. And lastly what do you use for your doggies ears? I clean hers out twice a week because she does get smelly build up. Vet says it's not an infection just build up because she can't stay away from the water whether is be the water fountain, the bath, the pool, or the ocean.

    Thanks for looking! And hopefully I get some great answer from you guys.

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    Hey Gaby, glad you found the site. Your Rocky is OK. Accidents do happen and this lady should be happy she found such a good owner in you for her mistake. Love chocolate, but also love Black. Have a 13 week black lab male, which I'm "over the moon" for.

    Coarse wavy coat, it's the lab coat. I've been watching my pup's coat develop. Miss the soft undercoat, but still can feel that soft fur on his head.

    Ahhhh, "bitey face" play is a trait of a Lab. So glad to hear it's only used with dogs and sounds like she plays nicely with you and your cats. I'd just make sure the other dog is enjoying the game your Rocky plays.

    Labs that love the water really need there ears cleaned more often. Sounds like you are right on top of it, as well as your vet. Just a light cloth and water for now with our pup. Not into water yet, but with those ears being over the canal (blocking air) you really have to watch. Got into a good routine with our Kuvacz for ear health. Working with the pup to understand and be still with health checks (ears, eyes, mouth, etc.)

    Look forward to hearing more about your Rocky. I'm just starting my journey with my Lab, so hopefully the experienced Lab owners (breeders) will give you some great answers.


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