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    Hi I am new to th forum and have joined as we are wanting to get a lab to join our family.
    I have joined in the hopes of getting some info about hip scores?
    is there a place I can post to find out if the scores I have attained from a breeder are good or bad?


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    Dryfo is offline Senior Member
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    Can you not check the registry that scores them? The equivalent in the US is OFA and you can search their database for results.

    the breeder should be able to show you a certificate of the scores as well (they should get some paperwork with the scores they can scan or copy and give to you.

    If the breeder is being edgy about showing you proof I would look for another litter.

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    Dryfo already gave you some great advise. Ditto on breeder being edgy if not showing you proof. If a breeder doesn't willingly show you where to find the proof (mine did) then I would walk away. Too many health issues with Labs as you know as you are asking about scores. Not just hip either, elbow, heart and eye.


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    yellowbelly is offline Senior Member
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    If your breeder isn't willing to explain the ins and outs to you about what the hip clearances mean, you should walk away.

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