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    DefaultNew to Just Labradors!


    My name is Hayleigh and I am a first time Lab owner and this is my little lady, Zoe.
    She is currently 6 months and 25 days old.

    I always wanted a dog of my own and considering my partner and I have a 10-11 yr old male Lab, we thought he could use some company.

    We both hope to make some new friends and gain more knowledge about Labs
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    Hi, lovely girl you have there. Have fell in love with the Labrador as well. Have been enjoying the antics and company of a black male pup for the last two weeks. What an amazing smart boy we have and just a sweet lover. Such a people dog. Look forward to hearing about your Zoe and her partner.


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    Thank you ZRabbits.

    They can be a handful, but they are such good animals to have around.
    Our boy, Lucky, is a big sook. Unfortunately, Zoe has yet to go into her first heat cycle. They haven't properly met yet, but I can't wait to introduce Zoe to her new best friend. I know they'll have the time of their lives.

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