My name is Shany. My boyfriend and I moved in our first house this summer and we reserved a female puppy from a registered and passionate breeder (hunting/field champion line). We are going to choose her at 6 week old and take her home at 8. So, I have plenty of time finding a club for puppy classes and doing research about everything concerning puppies and labs. My boyfriend already had a chocolate lab and yorkies as family pets. I had a Jack Russell (6 years old now, living with my siblings).

The lab used to eat Fromms kibbles, but since a couple of years, this brand is getting hard to find in my area. I read about how important is the calcium/phosphorus content in kibbles for large breeds. There's a 5 star grain free kibble out there named Wholesome blend from Nutreco Canada. I am hesitating between the all-stage feather and fowl and the large breed formula.
link: Nutreco Pet Nutrition
Feather and fowl: calcium min. 1.00% phosphorus 0.8% ratio 1.25/1 guaranteed analysis...Though, the nutrient analysis indicates 2.3% and 1.52% respectively.

Large breed : calcium min. 1.9% phosphorus 1.35% nutrient analysis: 1.67% calcium 1.3% phosphorus.
How come the nutrient analysis % is lower than the guaranteed analysis minimum???

It's confusing. How can I make sure the calcium/phosphorus content is not too much?