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    DefaultAdopted a 3 year old lab - Help

    Hi there, I am new to this group and I need help!

    Its been a year since we lost our amazing black lab that we decided to actively search for a new dog. We met Lacy three days ago from a family that couldn't keep her any longer and wanted to give a dog a home that needed one. She is full lab, not papered but clearly full lab. She is very sweet and has a great demeanor, she also appears to be in good health. The family we got her from spoke limited English so I am not sure what her history is but do know that she is 3 years old, housebroken, shots are current ( no proof ) & great with kids.

    The concerns are the following:
    She goes to the bathroom on her blanket - ( we blanket train our dogs ) It seems odd that she knows this is her place and she still goes to the bathroom on her blanket. Should we kennel her during the day and revert back to puppy days and try training this way? I am not sure how to train a three year old lab.

    We took her to the lake over the weekend and played fetch with her in the water. She loved it however she got very tired and was wheezing. I am assuming like a person she is out of shape and this is why but I don't know.

    How hard is it to retrain a 3 year old lab? she seems to be very smart but I need help and some guidance from other lab lovers. We want to do what is best for her but don't know where to start.

    I DO have an appointment with our Vet however he is out about a week so I am on my own until we can get her in.

    thanks for any help anyone can provide. I really appreciate it! We love this dog!!!

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    blanket training? Never heard of that. Simpler to just train them to go outside really.

    Housetraining is really the same no matter the age of the dog. Supervision, crate when you can't supervise, keep them in sight at all times, regularly go outside and reward when they go there. Use baby gates and close doors and even tether to you so the can't sneak off to pee.

    Training is all about setting the rules and then setting up the dog to succeed and show them what you want. You can train at any age. The harder part is re-training learned habits (that they have practiced and had success using) but even that is doable via repetition and patience.

    It does sound like she is out of shape, so go slow. more short sessions.

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    Thank you for your reply.

    I will try the back to puppy basics. It is just so odd that she just goes wherever. She was laying on the patio and she simply went right next to where she was laying so I am concerned that crate training may not help.

    I will keep trying.

    Thank you so much

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