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    Hi, My name is Duke. I am new here and look forward to interacting with fellow Lab owners.
    I am not new to Dogs at all. I grew up with dogs and throughout my life. Since work and career demanded all my time, I was unable to have a dog for 25+ years.
    I have recently retired and decided it was time to bring a Dog back into my/our lives.
    My wife calls it my midlife crisis.LOL.

    So I have a 7 month old Yellow Lab named Briley. My Son and I picked her out from a Breeder at 8 weeks old and was a perfect
    pick and perfect match for us. My son and I are very active hunters. The area where we hunt is very unsafe for hunters and even worse for a hunting Dog so Briley will not become a hunting partner but a family companion.

    I will get a picture uploaded shortly.

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    Wanted to add a photo but did not see where I could edit my original post so I added to it. Sorry about that



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