Hello, this is my first post! I have a question about the weight of my puppy.
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Thread: Hello, this is my first post! I have a question about the weight of my puppy.

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    DefaultHello, this is my first post! I have a question about the weight of my puppy.

    Hi everyone!

    I've signed up to this forum because I've seen quite a bit of useful information at quick glance and need your help!

    My question really is how much should a 4 month female lab weigh on average?
    I took my Bella to the vets yesterday and she gasped at how big she was. She couldn't put her point across anymore than she did about Bella being overweight. "She's the biggest puppy I've seen!" was one of the comments I got... The vet wants me to cut back on food and exercise her more than I have done.

    To me, she looks like a normal healthy girl though?

    She is just over 21 weeks and weighs 33lbs.

    I feed her a weighed amount of "James Welbeloved" twice a day, give one "Dentastick" a day and curse at anyone giving her table scraps, so that is rare! Otherwise she eats whatever else she can find when out or in the garden!

    Any advice will be great.

    Thank you.
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    Growth rate really varies from line to line, and in fact the adult weight of labs varies quite abit (some at 60 pounds up to over 100). If you got the pup from a reputable breeder I would ask them what they think.

    Maybe consider an all age formula if you are currently feeing puppy food (which promotes growth).

    If you do up the exercise remember to only stick to age appropriate exercise. Free play on softer surfaces (grass, sand, etc) and walks should be shorter until her joints are doing growing (rule of thumb is about 5 minutes per month of age, you can give or take some time but better to do two walks that are shorter VS one long long walk).

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    33# isn't unusual at all at 4mos. Double that and you are looking at a 66# adult (and actually probably less than that since 4 mos is closer to ~17.5 wks).
    My nearly 4mo old is weighing in at 30# currently and I know some of her sibs who are bigger were closer to 33# last week.
    Just feed her w/ an eye to keeping her lean (not skinny) and give her exercise in moderation which will help her joints and forget your vet's ramblings. Your breeder is a far better resource on some of that info.

    WindyCanyon Girls, August 2014

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