New to forum in Ft laud., looking for puppy play dates/suggestions
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Thread: New to forum in Ft laud., looking for puppy play dates/suggestions

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    DefaultNew to forum in Ft laud., looking for puppy play dates/suggestions

    Hi I am Tammy and my 4 month old yellow lab's name is Katie. I am hoping to find people in the area with lab puppies around the same age to set up play dates. I have tried to take her to the local dog parks but she seems to be to big in size for the small dogs to want to play with and to young and/or inexperienced to play with the big dogs. When she does play with the big dos I find that she is learning bad social habits from some of them. I have only found 1 place that has a supervised puppy play time (at Petsmart) but I do not like Petsmart. Anyone in the area that want to meet up and let our dogs play or any suggestions?

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    Hi from a ex-Deerfield bch resident. Sorry but I'm no help for play date any more.
    She is at that awkward age where she's too big for the small dogs and not big enough for the big dogs. Dog parks can be a double edge sword, some here have had bad experiences with them.
    Have you enrolled her in puppy classes? If not that's a good start just make sure you like the trainer and feel comfortable with the way they train.
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