Hello, we adopted a 2-year old yellow lab last week named Bubba. The shelter said he was purebred, but I think he's mixed with something. He weighs 60 lbs, so I guess he's on the small side for a lab. Anyway, at the shelter he looked like he was in pretty good shape. Walked great on a leash, fetched like a champ. I couldn't understand why he'd be given over to the shelter. As soon as my wife and I decided to adopt him, we found out what the problem was. He has heartworms. We decided to adopt him anyway and get him treated. The day after we brought him home, he had a kennel cough. So we took him to the vet where he got some medicine. Needless to say, we can't start his heartworm treatment until the kennel cough is completely gone. And as many of you may know, with heartworms the dog can't be too active. So that's our predicament now. We've got a bundle of energy that needs to be kept contained for now. But he really is a great dog, and we're looking forward to a long, active life with him. I'm a runner too, so I can't wait to log in some miles with him. Looking forward to future discussions with you all.