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    Hello all. We just adopted a 2-yr old yellow lab mix from a shelter last week. His name is Bubba and he's about 60 lbs. It was one of those love at first site moments. He walked on his leash perfectly and played fetch like a champ. I couldn't believe someone dropped him off at the shelter. But then I learned why. He has heartworms. My wife and I decided to get him anyway and get him treated. He's a great dog, and boy he has energy. The day after we brought him home, he developed a kennel cough. We took him to the vet where he got some meds, but we can't start his heartworm treatment until the kennel cough is gone. Oh, and he's not supposed to exert himself until the heartworms are gone. Anyway we've got some challenges ahead in keeping him occupied without exertion but ultimately we're looking forward to a fun, active life with him. I'm a runner, so I'm looking forward to going a few miles with my new running buddy.

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    Congrats on the new edition to your family!
    My lab is my best friend and walking partner. They keep you healthy and active.

    All the best!

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