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Thread: New forum member and new to labs

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    DefaultNew forum member and new to labs

    Hi All,

    Our family adopted a female chocolate lab puppy in September 2014. At the time, I was looking for an older rescue / mellow dog. Coincidentally, our next door neighbors bred their chocolate lab. My son and husband went to meet the litter and fell in love with the smallest female puppy. She was named Edith and we loved the name so much that we kept it.

    Edith is a ball of energy, love and more than anything mischief. I joined this forum because the mischief aspect of her personality is very trying and I think that we as a family, we could use some advice. We do a lot of scolding and chasing after her which only seems to embolden her. I know there must be a better way out there! Since there is so much conflicting dog advice on the net, I thought our best bet to improve as owners of a chocolate lab is to seek help from other owners of the same breed.

    I am looking forward to hearing your stories and your advice and sharing our adventures with Edith with all of you!

    -JRRS Upstate NY
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    That is pretty cool you adopted a dog in 2 months!!

    Ha, I assume you meant 2013.

    How old is the dog? I assume around a year?

    Def would recommend some training; both for family and the dog. Well worth the minimal cost.

    Nice pictures!

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    Defaultfan of fanboys

    Yeah, I'm pretty cool like that with the time traveling thing ;-) Joking aside, you are right, I meant 2013.

    She is almost a year. We took her to a puppy training class and it was good instruction. We decided to wait until she was a little bit older to take her to more classes; she was the youngest in class and seemingly the hardest to teach. We are getting her fixed in a few weeks and will likely return to dog training after she fully heals.

    Thanks on the pictures; she is very photogenic!

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