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    DefaultDillon in Minnesota


    This is Dillon:



    My husband and I just adopted him from a local shelter a couple of days ago. We've rescued before but always mastiffs so this is our first Lab!
    I honestly never thought I'd have a Lab, it seems like they're everywhere and everyone has one but I promised myself when we started looking for a new rescue that I wouldn't let the breed determine anything. We went into it knowing we needed a dog that was good with cats (we've got three), preferably already housebroken, and great with kids. We have a toddler (20 mo) who learned how to behave around dogs from Day 1 on our English Mastiff, Oscar. Sadly, we lost him recently to complications from anaplasmosis. We always keep tick treatments current and pick off the crawlers when we see them but of course, no system is perfect.

    I wasn't sure I was ready for another dog so soon but I saw something on a rescue site that made a lot of sense: whether you think you're ready or not, shelter animals can't afford to wait, and sometimes the best way to honor a fallen friend is to save another.

    Dillon has Lyme's AND heartworms, but they were both caught early enough that we should be able to "fix" him (xrays show no adult worms, just the little ones in his bloodstream). So he's on doxy and injections for that, but at least we're used to medicating by now.

    Anyway ... I don't want this to get ridiculously long-winded I just wanted to introduce myself and Dillon. Like I said I'm new to Labs (although I have friends who are "Lab People") and so far it's a totally different temperament than I'm used to so I'd welcome advice from everyone here.

    By the way ... he's a yellow lab (obviously) but he's pink-skinned everywhere. Quick googling says that's called a "Dudley"? New one on me, I always had brindles.

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    Good for you guys!

    (Some) Labs are very good. I hope yours is too.


    (in Dillon, CO) and I used to live in Minnesota
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