Hi Guys,
It's my first time on this forum.
I come from Melbourne, Australia and I am about to purchase my second Lab puppy. My first pup is now 10 years old and I am looking for a good breeder with a nice and healthy male pup. The dog won't be used in shows etc. It's just for my personal and my family's pleasure. However the dog will be trained and exercise as much as possible in order to ensure his wellbeing and to exploit his potential to the fullest.

Even though I already know the breed well, I just came across something quite confusing. I was visiting a respectable breeder near Melbourne who's currently offering 8 weeks old pups. The mother of the doggies is a beautiful chocolate Lab. I must admit that it's been a long time since I haven't seen such a gentle and well behaved dog. Even though I was touching and playing with the pups, she didn't show any signs of worry, aggression etc. She remained alert but very calm and willing to play as well. I also had access to her mother who's a 13 years old yellow Lab in very good shape. I'd never say she's that old already. The owner of the operation also kept a pup coming from a previous litter who's around 1 year old now. Nice temperament but quite hyper active and not necessarily trained....

The breeder presents all the necessary paperwork, they are registered with the local dogs' authority. The pups come with all the necessary paperwork, vaccines etc

However I am little bit worried about one thing - I was about to pick a yellow boy when a realised that he has a white stripe on his forehead. At the same time one of his chocolate brothers has a white patch (small size) on his chest.
I got a little worried at this stage as in my opinion Labs should not necessarily present such traits.

Has anybody come across such a thing already? I didn't have access to the father of the litter however the breeder kept a copy of his pedigree and all relevant papers. Nevertheless I felt like the little guys could probably be mixed somewhere along the way with an other dog as I've never seen a genuine Lab with patches...

Could you possibly help me with that?

Below is a picture of a yellow pup - it wasn't taken in order to show the white stripe on his head but if you look closely you'd be able to see it.

I took the picture myself while holding him in my hands...