We have a 3 year old male un-neutered yellow lab. About 6 weeks ago we noticed he was gaining weigh but just in the last month he has really gotten big in his abdomen. We took him to the vet and he wanted to do an exploratory surgery without even doing bloodwork first. We said no and had bloodwork done. It showed his organs were functioning normally. That is all the dr said. We had an ultrasound done and he said all he saw was fluid mixed with blood and some tissue. We prodded him for the meaning but we got no answer. Then we did xrays but it was too cloudy to see anything. A couple ofdays after we saw the vet we noticed in his feces that he had worms. We went back to the vet and he gave us 2 pills and said it would kill them all. During this whole time our dog has acted completely normal..playing, eating, peeing and pooping. The vet said it was probably a life threatening illness. The worms were not a factor according to him. Has anyone ever encountered this before? We are stumped and obviously our vet is too. We are in the process of trying to find another vet but until then we need some answers. Please help!!!! You can also email at [email protected].

Thank you