Hi from New Jersey, loving the Lab Experience
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Thread: Hi from New Jersey, loving the Lab Experience

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    DefaultHi from New Jersey, loving the Lab Experience

    Hi, my name is Karen, and this is the first time I've ever owned a Labrador. Actually Lilly is a mix, which we rescued about a month ago. But she leans more toward Lab than mix. which we think is Terrier. It's been interesting to learn about this breed of dog. That's why I came here, as I find talking to those who love the breed or even dogs to be very educational and fun. Trying our best to give Lilly the best life we can. Just having her here for a month, I have found a very, very smart dog who will do anything to get our attention and trying so hard to fit in with the rest of our menagerie. I have 10 rabbits, who Lilly has found fascinating. Thankfully our last dog, Jake, who we had to say goodbye to after 14 plus years, taught the Z-Tribe (our rabbits) that dogs can really be neat to have around, so the Z-Tribe is adjusting well to Lilly.

    Look forward to sharing stories, asking lots of questions, and enjoying the experience of Lilly, as we have plans in the future, when Lilly is 2 or 3 years old to bring a purebred Lab into our life.


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    Here's our girl Lilly,


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