Introducing RIVER and CATTIE
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Thread: Introducing RIVER and CATTIE

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    DefaultIntroducing RIVER and CATTIE

    Cattie is my yellow rescue lab. She is 9 years old and very smart. Rings a bell to go out.
    River is my 9 month old white pure lab. She was given to me as a gift by the breeder, my cousin. She is very smart, also. However, she is still just a baby.

    River has a terrible shedding problem and I'm looking for some sort of treat to help her with this.
    She's going to Petsmart in a few days and have the FURminator shampoo treatment.

    River also has a chewing problem and I'm open to any suggestions, but I will research this forum on that, also.

    Thanks for any advice you can give.

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    There is something to help with shedding????? I thought it was just a way of life!!!!

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    The groomer at Petsmart says there is a treatment using FURminator shampoo and conditioner and a blowout that decreases shedding by 80-90 percent. I will let you know how it does on her.

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