New to Forum, have 5 month old female black Lab
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Thread: New to Forum, have 5 month old female black Lab

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    DefaultNew to Forum, have 5 month old female black Lab

    Hello fellow Lab lovers! Our nearly-five month old black Lab, Boo, is doing great. She's our first puppy in 27 years, our last puppy was also a black Lab who lived 14 years. In between puppies we had two wonderful adult rescue dogs who both died of cancer last October ): One of those dogs was a yellow Lab. We are happy to have a healthy, young Lab again and Boo is the joy of our lives.

    My quest on the forum today is to find out how people feel about allowing a puppy to have limited and supervised use of a rawhide chew chip. So far, we've not given her any rawhides because of safety issues.

    Kay in Oregon

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    We give raw hide, antlers, all natural types of chews to our dogs and puppies.

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