Greetings from the Chicagoland area
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Thread: Greetings from the Chicagoland area

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    DefaultGreetings from the Chicagoland area

    Greetings and Salutations from the Western Chicagoland area! New to the forum, but I like everything I have seen so far!

    This is Belle, a year and a half old Chocolate Lab, gifted to us by a co-worker's parents who wanted her for hunting but she has a slight ACL issue with her back leg that does not allow her to run long distances for long periods of time. They were looking for someone to give her a more "normal" kind of family environment at the same time we were in the market for a dog. So she has moved in and loves trotting around our yard and fetching tennis balls.

    She is very mellow and sweet, curious and nosey, more of a sniffer than a licker and that suits us just fine.
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    She looks like a happy Girl

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