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    We recently adopted a new family member name Boone. He is a 4 1/2 month old English Lab with the biggest blocky head and very white! His daddy is a 2 time Eukanuba BIB winner but his job will not be showing, but hunting ducks. He has the sweetest, laid back personality. Now to the problem..... For the past 2 weeks he has been having VERY loose poops at night. Daytime is great but nighttime is up about every hour. I'm too old for this! We are feeding Eukanuba LBP and read maybe we were feeding too much. Cut back with no change. We put him on rice and pumpkin for 24 hours and he was a different dog. Thought we had turned the corner. NOPE As soon as we started to mix in his food again, the problem started all over again. We decided to change food and now have started him on Infinia Salmon and Sweet Potato. It is an adult food but I was told that was ok as long as the calcium was low. My question is should I change over while mixing with food that was giving him trouble or make the switch quickly? Seems either way I will have runny stool. Thanks for any help!
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